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Forestry Fire Hose Coupled

Forestry Fire Hose Non-weeping

Features: outer construction: single jacket, synthetic, all polyester tube construction: thermoplastic ratings: proof pressure: 600 PSI at 70F (21C) service test pressure: 300 PSI at 70F (21C) working pressure: 270 PSI at 70F (21C)

Polyester Fire Hose non weeping coupled

Forestry Mop Up Hose

Forest fire applications include mop-up, low volume hand lines, filling pump cans, supplying sprinklers and remote fire line protection.

Features: 50' coil diameter is 9" outer construction: single jacket, synthetic tube construction: thermoplastic impregnation: yellow proof pressure: 300 PSI at ambient temperature 70F (21C) service test pressure: 150 PSI at ambient temperature 70F (21C) working pressure: 135 PSI at ambient temperature 70F (21C)

Forestry mop up hose

Forestry Mop Up Hose Kit

Forestry Mop Up Hose Kit

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