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About Industrial Thermometers
Thermometry is the measurement of temperature. Temperature can be measured via a diverse array of sensors and instruments. Industrial thermometers are used for temperature measurement in many industrial applications. Applications include process temperature monitoring in various industrial markets. Traditional liquid-in-glass design is typically used due to low cost and ease of use. Industrial thermometers are basic bulb style thermometers. Bulb thermometers rely on the simple principle that a liquid changes its volume relative to its temperature. Liquids take up less space when they are cold and more space when they are warm.

Industrial thermometers can have many display scale characteristics. These include Fahrenheit display, display range and scale divisions, Celsius or Centigrade display, display range and scale divisions. Industrial thermometers can display temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius, or both in a dual scale thermometer. The display range is the minimum and maximum values of temperature that can be displayed. The scale division is the smallest division of degrees that can be displayed. Scale division may also be referred to as resolution in digital instruments.

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